It's that time if the year again ...

Oct. 23rd, 2017 09:15 am
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.. to fill in ticky boxes FOR SCIENCE!

Here's the copy and paste bit because they explain it better than I could:

"Please take part in the UK Flusurvey to help track the spread of flu. Anyone can register by going to . Participants are asked to report any flu-like symptoms each week during the flu season. Is man flu a myth? Does taking public transport give you flu? Register for the flusurvey to find out."

And there's a constantly updated and very pretty heat map of infulenza-like-illnesses in the UK on their website.

It really does only take five minutes to register and then a minute or two each week to fill in the symptom questionnaire (and it's only one ticky box if you have no symptoms). But with enough participants, it'll doing something really useful that should contribute to everyone's health and wellbeing in the future.
When it asks who referred you my user name is (unsurprisingly) "Ludy" - am not sure if they are doing a prize draw for recruiters of not thus year but if you fill it in I might get a thing and will definitely get the warm glowy feeling of Righteousness from helping SCIENCE!

Autism on Cbeebies

Oct. 22nd, 2017 10:11 pm
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So like i think we must of missed any talking about this when we were like on holiday but there's a new Cbeebies show about like an autistic boy and his (autistic) inside creatues (some of the inside creatures are girls so it like doesn't do that like annoying autism=boy thing and they all are like different flavours of autistic). It's kind of like Melody with some like outside world like framing with human's acting and then the inside world (which are Pablo's drawings) done with like animation.
So far we've like only watched one episode but it seems like it is prolly like a good thing.
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So I went to Venice and am now back on more solid ground in the less liminal London.
I don't entirely have words - there's a lot of things and stuff (mostly art and churches and then more ART!) it's amazing and beautiful and overwhelming and confusing and beautiful. You can start confidently following direction signs and they will suddenly evaporate part way to where you thought you were going. But there's prolly something else to see anyway...
There aren't enough places to sit down and the whole city is a mobility-impairment nightmare. But the public transport (boat-buses) is pretty good (within the understandably limits of fog and tides) and because there aren't cars (expect on Lido - which is a separate island NOT an outdoor swimming pool with a greasy caff and a teacup ride!) everything is pretty much people-shaped. There is coffee and ice cream.
There is textily goodness (LACE!) and glass and gold but most of the buildings are falling to bits. There are mozzies and mists and some of the prettiest Art is (deliberately) made from mould - and comes with an actual health warning...

It sounds like this.

[personal profile] lovingboth is an excellent travel companion who will excitedly point out the next exciting, shiny thing and explain the kinds of stuff that doesn't stick in ludy-brains. But is also helpful and understanding when visual stress or just an over-full brain makes you start to wobble and bump into things...

So what have I missed here?


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